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<span style="color:#990000;font-weight:bold;">Limited Time</span> Melaleuca Essential Cotton
Size: 120 pieces Item: 8675

Limited Time Only. 100% cotton. Great for use with toner for removal of makeup.

Limited Time Only. Fennel has been recognised for its strengthening and soothing properties for centuries. Today, its sweet, licorice-like aroma is popular for its calming abilities.

Limited Time Only Citronella Essential Oil. Exuding a strong, fresh, uplifting scent, this fragrant grass earned the name Citronella from the France word meaning "lemon balm".

Limited Time Only Blue Cypress Essential Oil is a conifer tree indigenous to western and northern Australia, including the islands.

Limited Time Only. Juniper Berry Essential Oil has a clean, woody, and slightly balsamic fragrance that can be used as part of a beauty regimen.

Limited Time Only Lemon Myrtle from a tree that grows in the rainforest of southeastern Australia.

Limited Time Only Cardamom Essential Oil has been treasured for its warm, spicy aroma and soothing properties.

Limited Time Only Siberian Fir is a conifer tree from Russia that thrives in mountainous climates and icy river basins.

<span style="color:#900;font-weight:bold">Limited Time </span>PURE<sup>™</sup> World Tour Basil
Size: 15 mL Item: 9935

Limited Time Only Basil has a distinctive warm, spicy fragrance is recognized the world over and helps create an atmosphere of focus, alertness, and clarity.

Limited Time Only. One of the oldest trade commodities, stimulating PURE Black Pepper Essential Oil was prized as a symbol of power and affluence.

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