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  • New and Improved!
  • Soft antibacterial bristles
  • Multifunctional bristles remove plaque between teeth and along the gum line
  • Rubber tongue scrubber removes odor-causing bacteria
  • Rubber polishing cups remove stains for a whiter, brighter smile
  • Angled neck for better reach

Classic Dental Floss—Fresh Mint
Size: 50.000 meters Item: 3086
  • A classic waxed floss that glides easily between teeth
  • Refreshing mint flavour
Koala Pals™ Flossers—10-Pack
Size: 10.000 pack Item: 4909
  • Shaped especially for little mouths
  • Able to reach even the back teeth
  • Colourful and fun Koala Pals shapes
  • Great for starting a healthy, lifelong habit
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